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Originally Posted by amaranthine View Post
I've noticed that the interactive governor (and interactiveX) do improve the screen sensitivity, however at the expense of battery life it seems. Right now I lose about 50% battery in 7 hours, but I may need to optimize JuiceDefender and figure out other ways to conserve battery life. It certainly is somewhat worse than with the Optimus V, but given I've overclocked it to twice it's stock CPU speed I guess that is the trade off.
On normal use I get 60 hours of battery life from 100 to zero. Losing 50% in 7 hours is good for stock, but rather dismal.
Also, can I just say this: the screen sensitivity is awesome. It's sensitive enough that I can use regular leather gloves, and still use the screen with precision. I would call that pretty sensitive. Any more sensitive than that and I'd be worried the thing is going to shock me or something
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