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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
You really think serious science isn't being done now? I often hear right wingers refer to the climate change "hoax", but have yet to hear a believable motive for such a vast conspiracy. I choose to believe the science over some radio stooges, not to mention common sense.
You are over thinking things. When Hollywood becomes hell bent on saving the planet and when the public is told what to think by people that have no right to discuss a highly complex issue because they are clueless fools, the science is left aside.

The public goes crazy because they are told to start worrying. Science disappears and is replaced by Al Gore and others.

If you work in Hollywood, you dance to their tune or you do not work. Simple as that.

The right-wingers do have a point . . . we need to study things. Unfortunately, if you do not agree with the left, you are an enemy of the state. If I had solid science on my side and I cried foul, nobody will listen.

Besides, Al gore said the case was closed, we are doomed.

When Streisand complains about our energy use, she does not take being told to be quiet lightly. She wants us all to save the planet, but she lives in a huge house. Like most in Hollywood, we are told to do what they tell us to do and never mind that they live in a huge energy sucking house.

The right will never have a say because regardless of how solid our science is, we cannot get an audience.

Serious science does not matter one GD bit.
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