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I read your post and didn't reply earlier but the more I read...I Felt like I really should because I know EXACTLY what you are going through... and I know it can be confusing and scary ....My first panic attack seemed to come from nowhere ..just hit me like a brick..I was exausted stressed not eating right etc.
It's scary I know! Thankfully I have only had a handful of attacks and now I can usually (but not always) stop them by recognizing the triggers warning signs and using breathing relaxation techniques before they become full blown ..
It sounds like you probably also have generalized anxiety disorder. I'll try not to babble on..but My Doctor told me that it may have a genetic origin and can be triggered by stress..Physical or mental.. The symptoms you describe are very common in gen Anxiety disorder including The brain fog.(been there)
you mentioned adderall in your post but I didn't know if you were using it recreationally or were prescribed? ADHD and anxiety disorder very often coexist together. Also true with Bipolar disorder. I found that once the flood gate is open will probably experience more frequent symptoms
so for sure go see a doctor. you will probably have to trial and error to see what best works for you..i.e Zoloft Concerta cognitive therapy etc... It's not an exact science and what works for one person may not work for you...but in the meantime try to eat right, get rest sleep, be physically active and although I know it's hard when you feel this way..don't isolate yourself..and although you will prob always have to deal.
You'll get through it and prosper
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