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You posted just a few minutes before I could post this, but here goes.

There's a youtube user by the name MurphysCellRepair who has put up several video benchmarks of the ZTE. Warning, take his videos with a large gain of salt because he is VERY ignorant. When the ZTE reported a benchmark score of 1600 for memory, he thought that meant it was saying ZTE had 1.6GB of ram.

Also, you can't fairly use the "Total" scores for any device, because by default they all include I/O to the sdcard, and the sdcard speed often has nothing to do with the speed of the device.

So the videos on that channel do have some value, just ignore everything the guy says and skip to see the actual benchmark numbers. It appears that CPU and MEM are very equally matched on the Avid and Motion. I'm pretty sure the graphics gpu cannot be equally compared because they have different size screens (unless the display can be reduced to 320x480 on the Avid). If they have the same gpu (which I think they do), then the benchmarks probably don't matter anyway.

You can see SEVERAL benchmarks of the LG Motion 4G that I took by following this link:
Pre vs Post Update Benchmarks

There is also a non-benchmark quality to the ZTE that unfortunately can't be easily measured, and that is the poor quality of the screen. Although the bigger screen size will still make it worth it for many people.

For the record, the ZTE Avid is not faster than the Galaxy S 3

It still hasn't been verified if the Avid has 1GB of ram. I would really like to see some evidence of this, because it would be very cool if it does.
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