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Originally Posted by stedman420 View Post
Again no prob and let me know if you figure out a way to get a boot.img flashed lol I'm still trying to figure out where the prob is comin in and if once in a blue moon poot could be causin this. Wich I'm not sure about as I've personally rooted two diff scores usin it and had no probs installing a rom but apparently there's an extremely rare amount of scores (so far this makes only the third one I've heard of 1 cricket, and 2 metros) that are not wantin to flash roms. Wich I've now narrowed down to some kinda error when the boot image is flashed yet the recovery log shows no probs and I'm completely at a loss trying to re-create the error as neither phone I have will seem to do this lol anywho sorry for the long post but I noticed you've been around android a bit lol so hopin between the two of us maybe we can figure this out lol mainly though cause most of the cool mods in my cricket roms are in the boot image lol but figure a solution could help all

Anyway glad I could help and you got a pg rom on there as I know the debloated scarred rom (I think it was something like that lol) was awful purdy lol. I actually booted it on my cricket phone to check it out once lol

EDIT: oh yeah the other prob on the cricket score that was doing the same thing is he seems unable to gain root using adb, or at least from what he was saying that's what it sounded like. So just curious I guess if you can or get a chance you might try pushin something to the system usin adb and see if it'll let ya. It's definitely kinda weird lol of course so is this phone lol
Was this cwm built from the online builder? I don't have too much experience in android but I know enough to help get an issue fixed. Lol
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