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Originally Posted by Artine View Post
On normal use I get 60 hours of battery life from 100 to zero. Losing 50% in 7 hours is good for stock, but rather dismal.
Also, can I just say this: the screen sensitivity is awesome. It's sensitive enough that I can use regular leather gloves, and still use the screen with precision. I would call that pretty sensitive. Any more sensitive than that and I'd be worried the thing is going to shock me or something
What settings do you use to achieve that? (I've seen the JuiceDefender settings in the Sleipnir thread.) I guess it would also depend on what you do with the phone to get that sort of longevity. I will surf the web, stream audio, do some GPS mapping (not necessarily all at once, but will stream audio and surf at the same time occasionally) and I'll lose 15% in an hour. This is usually over 3G. I'll be on the phone for 2 hours and lose 20%.

The screen sensitivity in merely bearable, I'm just tremendously annoyed when I have to tap something twice (or three times) to get it to respond, which happens a few times daily. Like I've said in the past, sometimes it's lag on the CPU, sometimes it's just the screen not registering it, which is just odd.

I can live with it if I have to, and the general responsiveness (minus the touchscreen) is great. The phone just flies compared to the OV, and it's great not to micro-manage the app space. Those two are worth it alone (as long as you don't run into issues keeping the $25 plan).

I'm tempted to give another Elite a try to see if I get a better touchscreen, but I'm hesitant in case the swap to another Elite will screw up me keeping the $25 plan (which has happened to some people).
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