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Originally Posted by ryancmatchett View Post
Glad to hear the alien extraction went well... I mean, glad to hear it all went well Chief!

Morning all... Just stopped in to say hi.
Gotta say I am a little bit excited about the Asus game pad... Going to have to look into that more.
Also, a GWallet funny for you... IsIs is big here is Austin, supposedly, since there are billboards everywhere. But since Nexy is not allowed on IsIs I still love getting the oooohhhssss and aaaahhhhhssss when I use GWallet like yesterday. 4 people in line, and the cashier asked how they can get it! Love it!

Hi Ryan, glad you are selling into Austin, can we call you a Texan yet? Lol

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Hi folks, been a, um, uh, unquestionably a bad few weeks for me. A bad modem kept me off here for a few weeks, my N7 has a shattered screen (don't ask), and, well, I haven't spent near the amount of time I'd like lately. I missed wishing all of you Merry Christmas, happy holidays, Happy New Year, etc. I hope you all accept my late well wishes.


Welcome back Pup, sorry about the rough few weeks, bummer on the n7.

Originally Posted by The_Chief View Post
Hi Pup, great to have you back at your virtual home!

And would you believe that 24 hours later, JBSourcery 4.3 is out? The goodies just keep coming!

Son is having some surgery this morning to remove a weird lump in his chest. I don't know what it is, nobody knows... maybe it's an alien. Anyway, forgive me if I'm a little scarce the next few days
Glad your son did well and there are no aliens to dispose of.

Happy hump day everyone!
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