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Originally Posted by mikedt View Post
I'm pretty sure that MS and PC manufacturers haven't implemented it, or at least it can always be turned off. Can imagine the uproar about it, if PCs were nobbled so that they could only boot Windows 8 and nothing else.
Originally Posted by mikedt View Post
If it did happen, you can bet your bottom dollar that the FTC, the EU, etc would be onto MS like a ton of bricks.

We knew something like this would or could happen. It has been all over the web and it sounds like the OP likely knew there could be a problem before he bought the computer.

Not sure that MS is breaking any laws or rules that would concern the FTC and/or the EU. About the only thing I can think of is this: if every new PC is "locked" and the only OS you can run is Windows, this means you must take what they give you and some could argue that is not fair. Reminds me of Apple.

Manufacturers might not have any choice, either. They either dance to Microsoft's tunes or they will not be able to offer Windows, period. There might be a case there. This might be considered unfair because these days, it can be argued that you likely need a computer. Not sure if it applies but I do not know if it does not apply, either.

If your new PC works as intended, can you really go after MS or Dell or Gateway for not creating a way to use the machine in ways it was not designed to be used? I say no. You bought a machine that does what it is supposed to do and if you wanted Linux, you can buy a Linux machine ready to go. No manufacturer (or MS for that matter) should be sued because they did not make it possible to install Linux.

It is possible for MS and computer manufacturers to get sued in this day and age, I suppose. Not sure it is a good idea to go after MS for something like this.

That said, if all new computers are "nobbled" there might be a case against MS, but should there be a case against the manufacturer as well? Perhaps the best thing to do is make your displeasure known. Tell Gateway or Dell to pound sand . . . you are going Apple.

Then enjoy joust one more hobbled piece of technology that also offers you zero choices.

The iPad and Android tablets will not let you install other operating systems like Linux and as far as Apple is concerned, you have almost no choices for customizing or installing the apps you want to install from sources other than Apple. Unless you JB, which most people will never do.

Locked systems from Gateway, Dell and Microsoft . . . welcome to Apple.
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