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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
and this my friends is the entire problem with the alarmists........their argument just cant hold water

<alarmists> we have created charts that show it will be 200 degrees hotter by next year

<deniers> your charts are false and heres the evidence

<alarmists> ya but the ice is melting and polar bears are going extinct

<deniers> heres the proof the ice is not melting at any level greater than the past and polar bears are actually increasing in numbers not going extinct

<alarmists> but you cannot deny the earth is warming and it has to be caused by humans

<me> it hasnt warmed in the past 16 years...... a period greater than the entire period it has warmed..... and if you look at historical records its due to a commonly occuring natural cycle

<deniers> show me proof... I demand proof

<me> post proof

<deniers> move on to new subject


maybe you can go back to talking about roads and bridges ........ the rich hate them and should be punished you know
Is that from Mike Crichton? I forget the book, but your post seems familiar.
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