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Originally Posted by cjr72 View Post
I agree with you. I was taking a very charitable view... I suppose if cornered someone trying to defend 250k income getting lumped in with millionaires/billionaires could argue that if they are frugal, live in a low cost area of the country and so on they could be millionaires. Generally I think people like that should be admired and not be singled out as a problem for not paying their fair share, etc.
A personal income in excess of $250,000 a year is plenty of income, no matter where they live.

I don't see anything that's intrinsically admirable about people giving themselves massive incomes, earned or otherwise. When that money comes at the expense of others, that's not admirable at all.

While nobody is singling out the very wealthy, or villainizing them without just cause, basic arithmetic shows that taking only from the middle class and the poor:
  1. Will never raise enough revenues to solve the problem;
  2. Will soon exhaust that revenue source when they go broke.
Common sense dictates that only the people (and corporations) who have far more money than they need to survive can be taxed in ways that actually solve the problem and doesn't "kill the goose that lays golden eggs".
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