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Originally Posted by Espis View Post
Ok, thanks for the info.
I have looked at the Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi. I think I'm going to get it in the near future. That will get me the sound i want :-)
Before you buy, you should look at this. Some Big Muffs are more equal than others.

My Big Muff Pi was the 1976 op-amp version, and the distortion was always harsh and difficult to tame. Great if you want a heavily clipped sound, like the guitar in Neil Young's "Rust Never Sleeps". If you're looking for the creamy distortion that's associated with an overdriven Marshall (or Hiwatt etc.) amp., you might want to audition different models.

According to the link that I provided, the Bass model seems to be a good overall choice. Still, if you have a local guitar shop where you can audition other distortion pedals, why not?

BTW if you're not familiar with Pete Cornish, you should check out his website. Pete is a genuine rock and roll legend, and he still answers the phone himself! Owning a Pete Cornish pedal won't make you a better musician, but it's a great investment, for one day he will be gone.
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