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Originally Posted by wyndslash View Post
How much did it cost you?
Depends on how much you spent for the Kickstarter. I went with the second tier (so to speak) which was I think $120. Gave you a free watch in whatever color (lowest tier was only black).
Watched the videos on Engadget and the Verge. Can't wait!
One thing I'm really curious about is how far I can be from my phone for it to sync. Haven't really used any BT devices outside of the keyboard for my N7 which is never more than a foot or so away from it.

When they go to retail (hey, I think they have to ship something like 80,000 first!), I've no idea what the cost will be but I feel like them mentioned in the past it will be ~$150. Honestly, a lot of people blast the look, but I like it. I have a couple decent watches, but I still use my phone to see the time.
I feel like I'd wear this one more.

Ah, rewatching their original video. Really hoping that Rhapsody can be supported as it's the only music app I use.
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