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Default First Impressions

First off, I forgot how modded up you themed this, it's lovely!

I will keep running this for a while and let you know if I find any issues, so far it's running smooth!

minor details:

solid explorer only worked for one use, then it says that the beta expired and need to install a new version from the play store, not a big deal but annoying

not sure if it's just the dark theme but if I put the phone on auto brightness indoors it seems slightly dimmer than "normal" coming from other ROMs...

EDIT: when you said it would free up some RAM, did you mean swap or RAM? The memory used shows only 2% of ram free, which I think is normal for android, swap shows 99% free. I am loading the phone up with my normal bloatware to give it a run for it's money with some heavier apps running and will report back.
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