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Originally Posted by davoid View Post
I voted for 1.

Although I follow and appreciate all the 9 explanations, I think the above posts nicely explain why we are ALL RIGHT.
Sorry, but math doesn't work that way.

For me in particular I would be more inclined to accept 9 if the problem had been set out as 62x(2+1) instead of 62(2+1)
How it LOOKS has no bearing on how it's supposed to be solved according to mathematical rules. Those rules have been stated in previous posts, including mine, so I won't bother repeating them.

But because the 2 is adjacent to the parenthesis it looks like they are connected in a more intimate and therefore immediate way than are the 6 and 2.

As another post pointed out, 6(2+1)2 would be more obviously 9 than would 62(2+1), because 2(2+1) appears to be (2*2) + (2*1)
Again, none of that matters. How it looks doesn't determine how it's solved. That's based on rules of math.

Without the additional parenthesis to clear up the ambiguity it is as clear as saying "I helped my uncle jack off his horse" without adding the necessary capitals
That's a funny analogy...but not an accurate one. Unlike written English, where things like capitalization matter in how a sentence is interpreted, math doesn't work that way.

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