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Originally Posted by davoid View Post
I don't believe it's the standard in mathematics to use a "" symbol
Then why does it exist?

--- x (2+1)

That would be a standard equation in mathematics, not a linear formula using a symbol.
The 'order of operations' handles linear formulas just fine.

And that would not have been ambiguous.
Neither is the way it was written in this thread.

And if the linear formula is to be calculated following a linear order similar to the interpretation of computer code, it shouldn't have the form 2(2+1) from mathematics, but the form 2*(2+1) from programming.
But then it wouldn't be a MATH problem. MATH problems are solved according to MATHEMATIC rules. I've been both a math whiz and a programming whiz, and I'm FINE with this!

I believe the original problem was designed to be ambiguous
Only to people who don't understand math's rules.

The ambiguity is caused because maths problems are not usually written in one typed line as the OP provided.
Again, it doesn't matter HOW it's written, solving it is based purely on the rules of math.

The problem 62(2+1) = ? is not a syntax you would come across either in maths
Sure it is. Even I--some 30 years out from College Algebra--knew exactly how to solve it. It's not that unusual to see something written like that.

Or there's only perceived ambiguity by people who do understand how maths problems are supposed to be written?
Hey, I said "as I see it"!
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