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I am firmly in this club. As far as Android I started with the Motorola A855. A developer style phone on VZW. The bootloader was never locked, but the root exploits were varied as the Android versions progressed; I received it just after release, Nov 9, 2009 and once the root exploit was released around Dec 9. 2009 to hack the update from 2.0 to 2.0.1 I applied it. Easy as pie. Never looked back. And that made me never want to own a phone that had an encrypted bootloader, even though I was a full on batwings (Motorola) fanboi.

I then waited until another developer phone would be released on VZW. that would be one with the Nexus moniker, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I owned it for about three days before rooting it just to make sure it was a good working phone. Done.

But my experience goes back much further to the 'dumb phones', just like OverByter in post #94 and EarlyMon in post #96.

You guys have no idea how easy it is on Android. On Android, we 'flash' a ROM.

For me, my experience was all Motorola, and 'flashing' back in those days, meant flashing to your E815, V3m, V9m a different carriers firmware using RSD Lite, and then making edits with tools that you had to pull up very specific areas in bytes of the firmware, then make edits to the bits, write those edits and hope it worked. We used seem editors, RSD CDMA General, QPST, RadioComm and maybe one or two others. Very powerful tools, one wrong step and you're totally screwed.

Long story short, the process was way more intense, and any wrong turn would give you an malfunctioning phone. That is why sometimes I have been snarky here. You Android guys have it pretty easy. In those 'dumbphone' days, you had to print out the guide and check off the steps as you went.

Here's my 'other' history:
  • Motorola V3m: flashed to Vivo (a South American provider) firmware and working on VZW network. .mp3 player, sdcard "USB Mass Storage" unlocked, tethering unlocked, forgot the rest.
  • Motorola V3m: Branded VZW phone flashed to USCC firmware. Taken to a USCC store and activated, albeit with some weird looks from the clerk.
  • Motorola V3m: Helped others flash to Metro PCS firmware to make the phone fully functional on Metro PCS system; far removed from what Metro PCS called a 'flash'.
  • Motorola V9m: Flashed to USCC firmware, then the Telus upgrade so Java was installed. Yes Opera, yes Gmaps, yes unlocked GPS chip, yes Java games.
  • Motorola A4500: My first smartphone running Win Mo 6.1. GPS unlock by 'null' so we could side load Google Maps. This took some RSD Lite flashing as well to get to the compatible firmware on it first.
Oh but wait, there's more. How's about using some of those same tools to get the Motorola A855 working on another CDMA carrier:

Yeah, I was 'raised' over at HoFo; where "read more, post less" was the axiom. I had to read through posts sometimes 50+ pages long to get where I wanted to go. This site is much more friendly. We Android folks have it easy.

OK, now I'm done.
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