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Originally Posted by saptech View Post
I wasn't so much against ban all guns, but stating something needs to be done. Why are these types of killings being commited against kids?
Thank God! Common sense!

While those who are reacting with the same fear-based ideas that have failed to protect us time and time again are dead wrong, so are the political partisans who serve masters that seek to destroy the very Constitution that they benefit so richly from.

Yes, something needs to be done! Yes, the mass slaughter of helpless children is intolerable! Something must be done, and mindlessly repeating history to no good effect is not a suitable answer. Anything that suits selfish desires and not the problem at hand is no answer.

I would love to see someone use a bathtub to commit mass murder against kids or anyone else.
Good to see that someone knows the difference between an accident and mass murder...and is willing to say so.
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