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Originally Posted by flyhigh427 View Post
hi im used to vb6 but the future seems to be in java so here i am.
what im wanting to do make some of the games i made in vb6 into android apps if possible .
should i start off makeing the games in java for windows first or just studying beginning android games ,,because theres alot of stuff i need to do,that the books dont tell.
thanks all
Welcome to the AndroidForums, flyhigh427.

You've made a great insight there: yes, there's ton's that you need to know that aren't covered in the programming books. You'll find lots of places to start in these threads:

Application Development/Developer 101 Stickies list.

this one is especially good:

Welcome! - Start here for FAQs, tips, learning resources, tutorials and helpful threads

Finding resources and tutorials is a great place to start, too. You'll find real-world examples that will help cement what you're trying to learn and absorb. Just take your time--there's a lot out there and it will take a bit of time.

Originally Posted by flyhigh427 View Post
Well Thank You
My typing is bad ,yes
Many Thanks to you ,sir
You typing is just fine, flyhigh427--we don't care one whit how folks type here as long as they are polite and respectful to each other--which you certainly are.

Please let us know if we can help you find anything around here. We're very pleased you signed-up with us here at AF.

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