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How about if the "preparation" for the first colonists was to set up a great Las Vagas-like resort, focusing on entertainment. So that whenever new colonists arrived, they had a social environment in which to stop going crazy, replete with bars, cinemas, etc. You could easily set up a comms link that would provide the latest cultural products from earth - such as film and music etc. Not to mention androidforums and Facebook.

Imagine the pioneering Martians could even engage themselves in creating the first cultural exports for Earth consumption - Martian Cinema, Martian music.

Admittedly the image on the homepage of Mars One paints a grim picture with the twelve or so little pods to live in, but let's face it, there are a lot of people who spend a lot of time on the internet in their houses, and I don't see it too difficult to imagine they could cope with being cooped up in their prefabricated accomodation as long as they had Internet access.

Admittedly the ping to Earth and back would be diabolical
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