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Originally Posted by rootbrain View Post
And this school shooting Student tells teacher: 'I don't want to shoot you' - Yahoo! News

With a shotgun, stolen from his brother who owned it legitimately. And the guns at Sandy Hook? Stolen from his mother, a legitimate owner. She paid the ultimate price for her carelessness and not getting her son the help he needed, as did the children in this tragedy.
Interesting that both recent cases(and if I remember correctly the cinema shooting) guns were originally purchased legally.....I rarely hear of advocates to guns showing examples of mass murder to the general public(criminals in gang war fare don't count here) in schools or malls etc, using illegally purchased guns.

Even the more recent occurrences of mass shootings here in the UK were done with legally purchased guns!

I personally believe that the problem stems from a deeper problem in a mental state of mind. For some reason there are a group of people who want to commit suicide, but do so while taking the lives of others, this is the real problem...... unfortunately I don't have the answer.

With tighter gun laws though, these people may be less likely to get hold of weapons that can kill many in short period of time with the pull of a trigger(bombs being an exception which takes a bit more workso can't be done on an impulse!)
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