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Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
That's just it, though, @davoid. There's no way the infrastructure up there can possibly be ready for that kind of demanding use by the time the first colonists arrive. And there will only be a handful of them. So there will be neither huge numbers of people to socialize with nor the kind of entertainment you're talking about. And then what happens when their Internet connection goes down?! I'm in the technology epicenter of the world, California, and have had to go for as long as three WEEKS without Internet after rain caused a widespread outage.
With only 4 people in a confined area, I would think the experience would be pretty dull. There have been a number of astronauts who have spent months in the international space station. However, the trip itself will take a little less than a year. Then you still have to live in a less confined space. I think perhaps the training on earth will involve isolating them for years so they get used to it enough.

The other thing I would wonder about is offspring. How would it be for the child/children growing up in such an environment. With the lower gravity on Mars, their physical development will be different than if they had grown up on earth. These offspring would have difficulty functioning on earth if they every came here as our gravity is higher than on Mars.

What would happen to them if their power failed? or their water source? Of course there will be backup systems in place for everything but, still, redundancy is no 100% guarantee.
I guess they'd have to find that Martian reactor and release breathable air into the atmosphere.
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