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Originally Posted by Stuntman View Post
I think perhaps the training on earth will involve isolating them for years so they get used to it enough.
And if it does, I believe many FORMERLY enthusiastic would-be colonists will decide it's not really their cup of tea.

The other thing I would wonder about is offspring. How would it be for the child/children growing up in such an environment. With the lower gravity on Mars, their physical development will be different than if they had grown up on earth. These offspring would have difficulty functioning on earth if they every came here as our gravity is higher than on Mars.
I doubt that offspring and their potential problems will be an issue--because I can't convince myself anyone will live long enough up there to HAVE children. I'm just not seeing how the insanity factor won't kick in.

Here's how I see it: Unlike settlers in the US and other countries on Earth, colonists who go to Mars will not have a NATURALLY hospitable, livable environment. Everything about their lives will depend on artificial support. While early settlers in North America had to deal with natural problems like brutally cold winters, at least they could do things like find wood to build fires, make materials for clothing and blankets, grow food, find plenty of sources for fresh drinking water, and so on--and when they got sick of freezing their asses off, they could mosey on out west to find sun and warmth. On Mars, they won't even be able to go outside dressed normally, let alone grow anything, and there won't be anywhere to move TO that'll be better than where they already are.

So, for me at least, it comes down to ultimately realizing they goofed by going up there, and as that reality sinks in more and more, they're either going to turn on each other or themselves.
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