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Originally Posted by Scooter04 View Post
If you want one it has its benefits other than just scratches. Not sure why the repeated effort to convince everyone that it is not needed. I don't have the neatest hand writing, and the screen is a slippery sucker. Screen protector is not as slippery and my hand writing looks better with what little friction it provides.

If mine slides off the truck seat and across the various tools that are usually on the floor, would rather have the case and screen protector on it. So depends what you do with it. Maybe totally not needed, but since I shelled out the doe for it I''ll decide how to protect it. I treat it like gold, but $h1t happens.

Oh, and "I feel better." Thanks for your concern!
You need a Griffin Survivor not a simple screen protector. But I don't think they make one for the Galaxy 10.1 Note.
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