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Originally Posted by mjtaryan View Post
I have a related question. I received a GT-N8013 today and have inserted a microSD card. I want to transfer files from/to my PC. However, I can't find a way to connect the Note so that I can get to the ExtSD card (the current and erroneous name for the card in the SD card slot). I find that when I connect the Note I have only two USB connection choices -- Media Device or Camera. AND no matter which one I choose, my PC sees it as a camera. That wouldn't be so bad, but I can't get to the REAL SD card (the one in the slot).

Every other Android I have when the device is connected to USB, a dialog pops up that gives options like Charge Only, Disk Drive, Media Sync and sometimes others. But not the Note.

How do I do that so that my PC will see the "Ext" SD card? On the Note itself I can get to it fine, but I need for my PC to see it Oh, yes, my PC is running Win XP w/SP3 -- if that makes a difference.

BTW I realize I could copy the files I want to transfer to a special folder in the Note's internal memory (the one my PC sees) and then move them to the ExtSD. And I could do the same going in the other direction, but that takes extra time and for certain job related reasons, time is crucial. Therefore, I need to have as direct, simple and fast a way to transfer files from one machine to another.

Can anyone help? Please hurry. Thanks.
Why don't you just put the SD in your PC? way faster data transfer...

Also are you using Kies? Download and use Kies from Samsung's website and it will make your life way easier!
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