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Default Wi-Fi connection fails - requires router reboot!

I've been having this issue with both my Nexus' - my 10 and my 7.
I'll look up and find my connection bars greyed out or none showing and my connection dead. All the other devices on the network will be functioning just fine, just the Nexus will have no connection (I have two laptops - one Mac one PC - several cell phones and sometimes a printer)
Looking at the settings the network will show that it's either trying to connect over and over or just "saved".
Attempts to log back in will be unsuccessful with the device seeming like it's failing to get an IP address our something.
The ONLY way I can get reconnected is to reboot the router itself. Quite a drag...

Google doesn't seem to turn up anything, and forum searches likewise have not been successful
(One problem is there's a lot of 'noise' in results from searching trends like "Wi-Fi", "connection", etc).

Anyone have a clue? It's annoying, especially when it happens somewhere I don't have access to the router (coffee shop etc).

Mostly tho, it seems to happen at home.

I'm running a Belkin N150 router with out-of-the-box settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Note: the problems don't always show up on both Nexus' simultaneously. Sometimes one will have a connection while the other does not, and sometimes they'll both be disconnected.
Every other device's connection will be fine tho.

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