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Default Not entirely true...

Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post
Try this:

Set up an alarm on your PC. Turn it off. Will it work?

Of course it will not.

The same is true for Android.


I had macros set up on my computer that would automatically turn it on for me every morning at a certain time (excluding weekends by choice), and to automatically switch it off for me at a certain time (this one I disabled because I ended up working overtime more often than expected and didn't like dealing with it). Point being, yes. Yes my computer will turn itself on after being completely turned off (or as turned off as any other computer - "off off", "deep hibernation", whatever a computer does when you shut it down).

For me, it's a matter of personal preference. I like my phone to be turned off at night. For me, there is a noticeable difference in the way my phone operates when it is constantly on. I have left my phone on and switched it to airplane mode. I have switched it to silent. I still notice a difference in the way it operates after a few days of not being switched off. It lags. Apps crash. It goes a little wonky. It doesn't seem like it would be much of a change to at least make this an option.
For example:
set alarm
set am/pm
set auto on / no auto on
or it could be in settings/preferences so it's a more permanent decision without having to set that preference each time you switch on an alarm. either way, seems like an easy addition. I'm not an engineer, however; so it's possible I'm wrong. I would just like to hear from someone that actually built the system the phone is using to tell me why it's not possible, if that is truly the case. I'm a curious sort and would like to understand the reasoning behind it regardless of whether or not it is possible.
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