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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
Not at one of the many, many, "gun shows" constantly roaming across the country, nor Craigslist, etc.
That's a good point. But to be fair, there aren't nearly as many gun shows as that at any given time, and frankly the mind of a non-gun owner who's consumed with enough anger to kill isn't likely to be thinking straight enough to find these loopholes rapidly. I'm comfortable with this loophole.

If, after the public has had time to sober up and discuss the issues with clear minds, it's decided that vendors at gun shows have to abide by the same rules, I'm OK with that, although I know it's not going to be a panacea. I already have to jump through hoops to ship unloaded and dismantled firearms; by law a licensed firearms merchant must be involved at both ends. If I have to pay big money to inherit my uncle's hunting rifle, let everyone get soaked.
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