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OK, so I visited local Verizon and Sprint stores. BB doesn't have much of a selection except for flip cases. I like reading on-line reviews, watching YT video reviews, etc. BUT until I have it in my hands and compare each one - as you know, the only opinion which counts is your own!

Played with Commuter @ Sprint store. Pretty much everything I have read about it online is true. Good quality, everything is pre-cut/aligned correctly, decent protection, not as much bulk, BUT it is slippery as hell on the back. Its a basic PC plastic, not rubberized or coated, just a slippey plastic. I looked at a couple, all the same. Feels slippery in my hand and on the table surface which means it will be easy to knock of the table, and it is a little loose around volume buttons (although not that bad).

Played with Defender @ Verizon. As a matter of fact, tried 3 different cases to compare response of plastic screen protector cover. What can I say. You guys know me - I'm into ebay purchases; went through half a dozen of cases, kept only one while turned down the rest (all refunded back). I was on a mission to find a decent budget (read $5-$6) cases. So here I am, took one look at Defender - and walked away from the store with a purchase of one for $45 (w/corp discount). Is it bulky - yeah, on par with my other rugged hybrid case. But talk about the quality (those interlocking tabs will last!!!), the grip (outer rubber shell is made out of superior material), all port protection, precut/alignment, the ruggedness, and still fits easily in/out of the pocket with zero pick up of any lint. And then, there is plastic screen protector - its crappy on all 3 cases I tried. Yes, there is a gap between the phone screen and plastic protector, and s-pen does leave marks on it (not easy to wipe off). I called Otterbox tech support, already opened a case for it. They should send a replacement within 2weeks. But I'm pretty sure its going to be the same, loose plastic cover. Personally, I don't care about it. Will pop it out anyway. Just want to see if whatever they're going to send me as a replacement from a different batch will be any better. In my personal opinion and for my personal use - Defender is the way to go if you want to have piece of mind (and I don't have any insurance on the phone). The price is high, $45. I figured once I get that promotional free Sammy Flip Cover, I just sell it to recover some cost

The bottom line. Everybody have their own preference and taste. There is no right or wrong case if you like it, if it works for you, and if it gives you a piece of mind (even at expense of bulkiness). BUT please, use these on-line reviews only as a guidance and buy'n'try these cases yourself to see what/how you like it. I was completely against any Otterbox product. Went through a lot of ebay cases, and therefore appreciate more the level of quality and protection offered by these Otterbox cases, and found Defender to be the perfect case for me. Now, just have to pop out that plastic cover (it looks like glued inside of the frame, should be easy to take out, and in case of warranty work - glue it back to send to Otterbox for replacement of other damages - if that ever happens).

I will post my picture review of Defender in our official Best Case for Note 2 thread. Oh, and also planning to order Ballistic TPU (available on Amazon) and UAG Navigator (whenever its available) to try it out. I love that orange grill on UAG case If it's as good as it looks, I might end up with Defender and Navigator

PS and strangely enough - I love that belt clip too!!! My wife is laughin' at me that I have a tablet on my belt. Just have to correct her, its not a tablet but "phablet"!!!
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