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Default Otterbox Defender Review

Well, since I already reviewed Defender knock off (in my above post for Rugged Dual Layer Impact Kickstand case), its only fair to review the original Defender now. Per my post in Otterbox thread (Otterbox Cases), I decided to try my hands on the actual Otterbox product instead of reading reviews about it or searching for a reasonable ebay knock off replacement. The result - I ended up buying one and WILL KEEP IT!!! Despite issues with a built-in plastic screen protector which apparently a common problem, its not a show stopper since you can just pop it out and use your favorite screen protector instead. Just like others, I found that plastic screen protector to be sitting a tiny bit above the screen, thus flexing. And also found that s-pen was leaving marks all over it. But its not about the unnecessary piece of plastic, but about the case itself. I don't need to go into details because everybody familiar with Defender case and probably have seen/read other reviews and YT videos (including drop tests).

Its a very solid case, and surprisingly slim for its built. its not slim by itself in comparison to other cases, but for its extra protection functionality I found it even slimmer than that other Rugged Dual Layer ebay case. Goes in and out of the pocket very easy, adds a very nice grip to the phone, rubber outer shell is non-skid so it feels secure when you lay it down on the surface. Everything is cut and aligned to a perfection. No worries about any aftermarket micro-usb connector fitment in here!. I took a number of pictures since those are worth more than a thousand words! One thing I do want to mention - I was very surprised by the holster. Its a three-point holster which can host N2 facing inward or outward. The clip locks into a position to work as a kickstand, and rotates 360 degrees. So when you walking you can have it aligned vertically, while sitting down you can flip it horizontally. I don't know if I will make it a habit carrying the phone in a holster, but I did spend this afternoon carying it that way. Right now in a winter time with layers of clothes I actually don't mind that at all. Once its going to get warmer outside, I probably won't carry it on my belt. It is like a brick on your belt. But just wanted to mention that it actually holds the phone very secure and has enough functional flexibility.

As a side note, I did check out/tested Commuter, and found its plastic outer shell to be slippery in my hand and while placed on the surface. But it shouldn't be a show stopper for those who want a less bulkier case with a similar adequate protection.

OK, here are the pictures for your enjoyment!

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