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More on my previous post.

I think I found a lot of good stuff at some GREAT deals! But, I'm not entirely sure. Not to mention, these are all used parts. Let me know what you guys think!

PNY NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 graphics card (very lightly used)
price: trade for Skyrim for 360

Intel i7 930 (used)
ASUS P6T SE (used)
Corsair XMS3 6 gigs 1600mhz ram (2gigs x 3) (used)
Zalman copper cpu cooler (used)
price: $180 (before negotiating)

I still need a memory drive, tower, and power unit (easy stuff). I might also add a little bit of ram, but I would only use what I can fit in three of the dim slots so I can run in triple channel mode rather than single. But I need help deciding if the parts I'm looking at are worth it.

I was just told that the group of components for sale have been run at the following:
"Max over clock I pushed was 3.8ghz and i ran that for 24/7 for about 2 years. Highest temp I saw the chip get to was 74 celcius."

The main purpose for building this rig is for use with a new job I am interviewing for today. I would be using Photoshop quite heavily for lots of photography. I think I would also finally get into some video editing as well, as well as some casual coding and learning to work with 3D programs such as modeling and game design (again, casually and on the side).

Should I go ahead with this? Should I negotiate? Any tips on this in general?

edit: ha can't forget I still need a disc drive if I want to get some form of an operating system running :P
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