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Originally Posted by WombatMan View Post
So my wife and I are lying in bed this morning at 1:47 AM, when both of our phones (both Galaxy S3ís) start making this sound. A sound Iíve never heard our phones make. Scared the crap out of both of us. It sounded similar to the obnoxious sound that your TV makes when there is an emergency weather alert (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc). Turns out it was an AMBER alert.
Looking into my phone today, I found in the settings of the Messaging app, options for enabling/disabling ďEmergency AlertsĒ. These are:
  • Presidential alerts
  • Extreme alerts
  • Severe alerts
  • AMBER alerts

All of the alerts except for presidential alerts have checkboxes that you can use to enable/disable each type of alert. Iíve been using smart phones since the original iPhone, and Iíve never even heard of these alerts, and I canít find anything online saying what they are. Does anybody know the difference between an extreme and a severe alert? I understand AMBER alerts, and I assume presidential alerts are for when the president want to get an emergency message out (like for when zombies or aliens eventually show up).

Any ideas?
IIRC, these types of alerts were added with the SGSIII and EVO 4G LTE, so mid year 2012.

The first time it went off for me and my friends that have EVO 4G LTE, it scared me to death.

I'm assuming severe weather and things like that. When Sandy hit, I received a lot of emergency messages.
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