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Originally Posted by kct1975 View Post
I also completely agree!

I too, have no use for Social Networking at all. I have never used Facebook, nor My Space, nor Twitter. And I will not use Google +!

I believe forcing people to have a G+ account to rate app, not only hurts users like us, but also hurt devlopers.

Just to keep my YouTube account, I actually had to go through the BS of signing up for a Google+ account, signing into my YouTube account, changing the setting in my YouTube account, and the deleting the Google+ account.

While I love my Android phone and my Gmail account, if Google forces me to have a Google+ account to have to use them, the I will stop using my Gmail account, and switch to a Windows Phone.
I have been looking into the very same for a while now. Firstly I looked at an iPhone, but I refuse to pay 34+ pm for a phone. So I thought a Win8 phone would be good, but there are issues..

Firstly you cannot set a different background image (not a big thing for me),
Secondly it appears there are issues setting custom ringtones, (I cannot confim this tho)
And thirdly, you CANNOT move any apps/games to the SD Card. You can only put media on them, athough you can download games/apps to an SD Card and install them from it.

Also, least we not forget it you buy a 4GB internal memory Win8 phone.. Around 2.8GB is used by the OS. Leaving only 1.2GB for apps/games?! This brings back terror memorys of my Desire and when you could not move to SD Card!

So reluctantly I have gone with another Android phone, I will just not rate or review any apps/games anymore. Mind you, you know what Googles next step will be? Forcing you to signin or create a G+ account when you first setup your phone?
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