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Try changing your variable name from var1 to Var1 to change it from local to global variable.

Tasker for Android
Global vs Local Variables

All built-in variables are global, meaning they are visible anywhere in Tasker (e.g. %WIFI)
User variables which have one or more capital letters in their name are also global (e.g. %Car)

However, user variables which have all-lower-case names (e.g. %fruit) are local, meaning they are only visible in the task in which they are used (or the scene in which they are used, if the task was launched from by a scene event).

In general, it's best to use local variables wherever possible because:

you know they won't be interfered with by other tasks
they are more efficient in several ways
Note: multiple copies of the same task running at the same time each have their own separate copy of their local variables.
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