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Originally Posted by EVGA_RobB View Post
What type of usage will the graphics card be providing? Heavy Gaming? Monitor Resolution? All of these things are important when choosing a video card. For instance, I have a 570 right now and that plays most games that I play on high with no problem (single monitor, 1920x1080). That said, games like BF3 I may need to turn a few things off to get desired performance. If you decide to go triple monitor (surround gaming), then you would need a very high end card or SLI 2 decent cards. For my usage, I will be switching to 2 x GTX 560s until I can afford a major upgrade (triple monitor setup now).
The impression I got from Savage Shadows was that he didn't want to break the bank when building his PC. Thats why I suggested a GTX 460 as a very affordable but powerful card and of course it could be run in SLI with a higher power PSU.

Not sure on other companies, but taking off the stock cooler and using a GPU waterblock WOULD NOT void EVGA's warranty unless there was water damage. All we require is that if you have to send it in for RMA, you remove the waterblock and reinstall the original heatsink. Or for those who don't want the hassle, we usually produce a limited quantity of high end cards in a series with our own custom blocks already in place.
Thats impressive - I didn't know that. I have the GTX 690 and I couldn't contemplate ripping off the beautiful cast metal casing and installing a waterblock myself. What is the price differential between a reference GTX 690 and one with a pre installed waterblock?
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