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Originally Posted by EVGA_RobB View Post
What type of usage will the graphics card be providing? Heavy Gaming? Monitor Resolution? All of these things are important when choosing a video card. For instance, I have a 570 right now and that plays most games that I play on high with no problem (single monitor, 1920x1080). That said, games like BF3 I may need to turn a few things off to get desired performance. If you decide to go triple monitor (surround gaming), then you would need a very high end card or SLI 2 decent cards. For my usage, I will be switching to 2 x GTX 560s until I can afford a major upgrade (triple monitor setup now).
Mostly heavy hi-res photoshop usage (32 bit image quality sort of stuff) and graphic design with some dabbling into learning some basic game design. And likely dual display between an hdtv and a hi-res monitor. I MIGHT decide to do some casual gaming, but I've never been big into pc gaming.

Originally Posted by Ballymoss View Post
The impression I got from Savage Shadows was that he didn't want to break the bank when building his PC. Thats why I suggested a GTX 460 as a very affordable but powerful card and of course it could be run in SLI with a higher power PSU.
You are right, budget is what I'm going for here. I'm trying to build something for around $250. I might even try flipping a couple of rigs though to raise my budget. I was thinking I could build something with the components mentioned, 500 gb and a standard dvd drive for around that, and sell it for $350 without too much hassle. That right there should land me a brand new i7-3770. I figure that if I could make $75-$100 a flip, I could build myself a respectable rig with new parts in about a month.
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