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Originally Posted by jhtalisman View Post
Since the 2nd amendment specifically states "well-regulated militia", regulations on gun ownership is not a violation of that amendment.
You left out part of that..

...the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed
People as in who make up the nation. it specifically states the right of the people shall not be infringed, not the militia's right..

Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
There you go again. Nobody is taking about banning guns. The second amendment doesn't say anything about the right to bear arms WITH NO REGULATIONS.
I ask you to please take a look at the definition of infringe.


1. Actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.): "infringe a copyright".
2. Act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on: "infringe on his privacy".

Are regulations not limits?

So it does say with out regulations, you just have to really look at what it says.

Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
We had the assault rifle ban before and the Supreme Court did nothing to stop it. 62% of Americans are in favor of the assault rifle ban now. The NRA is holding the country hostage by brainwashing the weak minded.
62% of Americans maybe.. but there are 288 congress members who oppose all weapon bans at this time. This is why President Obama may need to use his executive power to do what he wants.

And it isn't assault "weapons" its assault rifles. And politicians aren't the brightest.. go ahead and ban my "magazine clips" I'll just load my magazine by hand.

Lets not forget the Osaka school massacre in 2001. A former janitor got ahold of a kitchen knife and began stabbing kids ages 5-8 killing around 8 I believe. Guns are not the issue.
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