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Looking like something about 3 days a week from what I'm reading.
I already gave my boss a heads up when I got this a month ago but I didn't read into it too closely. Can't imagine they'll be happy about this.
Problem too is I feel bad since my chef wanted to take the week of Feb 10th off. I had no problem working that whole week but now it's not possible. Hopefully he's okay with swapping it out.
And, reading more details said it's nearly impossible to get out of it (last one was a robbery case and I said I had been robbed twice, truthfully, and was able to get out of it). Whereas this is much different. You basically hear the beginning of a case and decide whether it's worthy of going to trial. Ugh.

Oh god, reading this comment on a local blog:
I was on the RIP (Rapid Indictment Process) jury (I think it was #3 – 3x/week) and we heard about 200 cases. My first time was the sex crimes grand jury (5x/week) and we heard about 100 cases. I wanted to drink myself to sleep every night when I was on the sex crimes jury, as you hear mostly horrible horrible horrible cases involving the total dregs of society. Your jury summons will have the grand jury number listed on it. In the RIP jury you hear mostly drug cases from the weekend/night before.
Knowing what horrible crimes go on in DC, I'm NOT looking forward to this.
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