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Discussing the "software issue" is another thread of its own. My point there was to prove that google and wolfram are not valid 'arguments' for proof of 9. The notation issue, meh, it was something we used in the 90s during my higher level education. Although, I did mention I have a textbook reference that specifically states:
1 "all over 2n" (using a horizontal fraction line) is simply 1/2n
I didn't make it up.
All that aside, care to comment on the rest of my post (simplifying, eliminating parentheses with distribution, the 'proof' where 66=1 originates, etc) ?

PS: I also believe there are more "9" answers since most people simply know "pemdas" and don't remember distributive property nor how to properly eliminate parentheses and the like. It is like asking grade 2 students what is the answer to 2+1*2. "Most" if not all will say 6, but this isn't a "majority wins" contest. Parentheses are a "grouping" symbol, and the question is read aloud as "What is 6 divided by 2 groups of 2+1"
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