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Default Re: Post your custom rig

Originally Posted by Savage Shadows View Post
Mostly heavy hi-res photoshop usage (32 bit image quality sort of stuff) and graphic design with some dabbling into learning some basic game design. And likely dual display between an hdtv and a hi-res monitor. I MIGHT decide to do some casual gaming, but I've never been big into pc gaming.

You are right, budget is what I'm going for here. I'm trying to build something for around $250. I might even try flipping a couple of rigs though to raise my budget. I was thinking I could build something with the components mentioned, 500 gb and a standard dvd drive for around that, and sell it for $350 without too much hassle. That right there should land me a brand new i7-3770. I figure that if I could make $75-$100 a flip, I could build myself a respectable rig with new parts in about a month.
Its always worth, when looking at money for a new pc, to look around your place for things you could sell on ebay. In my own case when I was looking at rebuilding my second pc (it eventually turned into a completely new build!) I used to have a collection of about a thousand photos of old railway stations and trains. I sold them off on ebay and got staggering prices - at one stage I was averaging 100 A DAY. The rest is history.
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