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Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
62% of Americans maybe.. but there are 288 congress members who oppose all weapon bans at this time. This is why President Obama may need to use his executive power to do what he wants.
Easier said than done.

Obama is not free to simply get his way by singing endless executive orders. He may be the president, but with a Congress against him and his (Obamas) disregard for following the Constitution and rule of law, Congress might decide enough is enough.

Especially when it comes to guns and gun bans. We the People do not want our rights taken away by a president that thinks he is a King. Politicians know enough to leave guns alone.

Congress is not going to sit by and be removed from the process by a president that thinks he does not need Congress. He is using his power to act without Congress on policy issues.

I refer you to this: How Is President Obama Abusing Presidential Power? - AskHeritage

I am beginning to think that President Obama actually believes he is free to do whatever he wants. He might decide to do as many bad things as possible because he does not need to worry about a third term, just the fat book deal and speaking fees.
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