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I just got some MEElectronics M6P-BK Sports - the version with a mic.

Not being an audiophile, they sound good to me, give reasonable noise isolation and are fairly comfortable.

The mic works well, though I'm a bit unclear on what the button does (I need to RTFM). I think it ends calls when you're on a call, but everyone has hung up before I've had a chance to test this.

When I'm playing music, it sometimes skips to the next track, sometimes stops or plays and sometimes triggers voice search. Probably something about the number of presses or how long you hold it but I don't really use it.

Haven't had them long enough to comment on durability: I've been through a variety of earphones from Shures to no-name cheapies and the more expensive they are, the quicker they seem to fail. These are mid-price, so we'll see .. or at least, I'll see.
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