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Originally Posted by mak916 View Post
I really wish Sprint would carry a Sony high end phone. Why doesn't Sprint carry them? Is there a reason?
Originally Posted by Tommydaniel View Post
Seems to me that Sony doesn't like producing for the CDMA networks. They tried with the Xperia Play a while ago with Verizon, but that was about it.
Sony had been GSM centric for a number years. A year or two ago, they tried to rescind that distinction and break back into the CDMA market however that seems to have not had the demand they expected? It has been pretty dry.
There is a possibility that Verizon set up some sort of exclusivity deal with Sony to block Sprint when the Xperia Play came out, but I have not found anything to back up that idea.

More likely it is Sprint's call. If they wanted a Sony device to offer then they would/should knock down the doors of Sony until they have an applicable device ready to be offered.

The looming question being, would the demand be there to make it profitable? If it is unsure why would Sprint go for it?

Sidenote: curved and bendable screens make me yawn big time, anyone else? I'd rather not have one on my device honestly. I have yet to see a convincing reason why - and concepts are just that, conceptual and not real (yet or maybe never).
One idea I've come up with, that would actually be useful, would be if Samsung could develop the inside of their now ubiquitous 'flip case/cover' (on the Galaxy S III and Note II) to be a durable display screen. I hate flip cases, but if they had a tangible use besides 'protection' they might have a redeeming quality.
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