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Default Re: The Gun Law Discussion

I agree, mental health issues are the key here and everything else proposed has proven to be a complete failure in the past. Not sure why it would be different now.

The 'gun show loophole’ there was a survey done of 15k+ fellons who were in prison while in possession of a firearm. .7%, yes less than 1%, of those were purchased at a gun show. 70% were purchased illegally, or had a family member make the purchase. Pretty much split down the middle 35% and 35%. Why so much focus is beyond me besides it sounds like a plausible way to get guns in the hands of criminals regardless of the facts.

High capacity magazines. Why 10? Just make up some arbitrary number apparently. I've seen no studies, evidence, nothing that make this such a major issue with gun control advocates. The only reasoning that makes sense to me is slowly moving that number lower as they did in NY to 7.. Then 5, then 3, then 1, then 0.. Long term gun ban I suppose.

Its the Clinton gun ban all over again.. Only worse, since this actually would ban guns, not just pieces of guns. Essentially, its the 'if it looks scary, it must be illegal' law.

I'm all for safer streets, but mass shootings have not increased, AR's and AK's are not the problem, never were, gun control has never prevented anything, why Obama thinks this is any different is beyond me. Unless, he knows it's useless, and wants to disarm the good, law abiding citizens of this country. Maybe?
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