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#2 is what makes me laugh every time, it shows how uneducated the politicians are on the facts. A "clip" or a "magazine clip" is not what feeds the gun bullets. And I have heard even president Obama say he want's to ban "high capacity magazine clips".
The a clip / magazine clip, is something that is often used to make reloading of magazines faster. To my knowledge they come in lengths to hold 5 bullets each clip (I haven't seen any higher capacity). Some bullets come pre-loaded in the clips inside the boxes.

So go ahead and ban these little metal clips, I reload my magazines the hard way anyway lol

But should someone that doesn't even the proper terminology behind their "issues", be able to make laws against them?

Assault weapons is a made up term coined my the mainstream media. As far as the hunting issue you mentioned ie limit for capacity. In my area I can legally use my .223 semi auto ar-15 style pistol with any round capacity on big game, according to my local DNR. It is legally licensed in my name and I have the permit to carry it on the street being it is legally defined as a handgun.
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