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Default Introduction, got questions about Solavei?


I wanted to let you know a little about myself, why I went with Solavei, and how it's working out.

My husband and I ordered Nexus 4's in early December. They are our first android phones. We had put off the whole smartphone thing because of how expensive data plans were. I'd never even considered a prepaid plan until a friend of ours suggested it. Until that time, I had no idea how much of a premium contract plans charged.

I started looking at the prepaid options. I had already picked out the Nexus 4 so that meant GSM carriers. I started by looking at Straight Talk - I wasn't happy with the reports about random data throttling. I also felt like information was intentionally difficult to find on their website. This was especially true when compared to T-Mobile site. I really appreciated the clearly defined plans and easy to view coverage map.

I was set to go with T-Mobile when I first found out about Solavei. My knee-jerk reaction was it wasn't for me. I'm not terribly social, and I'm not a salesman. After mulling it over I realized that didn't matter. Even if I never signed anyone up it was a better deal than going directly with T-Mobile. It's on the same network, and I always had the chance of getting some sign-ups.

I signed up at the end of December - before I had my phone in hand. My SIM card arrived quickly. I activated January 5th. Activation was simple and I've been enjoying service for 11 days. Nothing to complain about.

How about the compensation? I won't lie, at this point the only person I've signed up is my husband. I have one friend who is interested if they can confirm good coverage. Most people are either locked in contracts, or very resistant to the idea of changing carriers. Some people want to wait and see how it goes with me for a while. I personally find that strange because I see it as very low risk. If you aren't happy then change carriers at the end of your month.

It doesn't help that I'm in a heavy Sprint and Verizon area. Everyone I've talked to has a CDMA phone. I have to believe it would be easier to sign people up if I knew people on GSM carriers to start with. Seems like it could be huge on a college campus.

I'm happy to try to answer any questions you have. I'm just an individual who happens to be a customer. I'm also happy to let you know how I feel about Solavei as time passes. If anyone wants my referral link please contact me via pm.

Would I like to get sign ups? Sure... Am I happy with the plan and service without? Yes...

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