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Originally Posted by Ibrick View Post
High capacity magazines. Why 10? Just make up some arbitrary number apparently. I've seen no studies, evidence, nothing that make this such a major issue with gun control advocates.
Yes, the number does appear to be arbitrary. And back when that was the law, it posed real danger to people who had purchased smaller caliber pistols that had been designed to hold as many as 15 rounds in a normal, non-extended magazine. But they were forced to keep their chosen (and legal) method of defense in a crippled state in order to obey the law. That's not right!

Now we have people using straw man rationalizations, saying that "nobody needs that many bullets for hunting." Well self-defense is not hunting!

It looks like the driving force behind this latest prohibition movement is TV pundits who don't know what they're talking about. As a scientist I'm shocked and disappointed to see that real experts aren't being invited into the discussion at any level.
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