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Originally Posted by Ibrick View Post
The mentally ill are banned from owning a firearm under current laws. Its people ignoring warning signs, or families not wanting to acknowledge a mental illness that are more the problem.

As for the background checks, statistically the number of guns purchased at gun shows is insignificant. How you prevent illegal sales is the issue, and since the current laws are ignored, why would stricter laws be followed?
I don't think anyone is a fan of the mentally ill owning weapons. That's something we would probably all agree on. As it is though, there's no database containing the names of everyone who is "mentally ill". Let's say I actually run a gun shop and someone comes in to buy a gun. I run a background check (no problem with that) do I then have to do a psych evaluation on the person to see if they're "mentally ill" or not? How do I as a business owner make that determination? I'm not even close to being qualified.
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