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Originally Posted by ARocker View Post
Thanks for your feeback. I havent noticed any laggyness, im flashing many many times a day testing. If you installed correctly, you wiped dalvic and such. Its possible that the initial lag is from that. If you havent already, reboot. See if you can reproduce the lag for me.

Oh and as for the boot music, ive gotten used to it.

That sonic bootani had that super bright white part just before it repeats. Think he did that on purpose.

Yeah the lag was just the first time I figured it would only be the one time. Other than that haven't had any issues. Only reason I said anything about the music I didn't know if that was on purpose or not. Anyway looking good.
The only thing I noticed is the + and - on the zoom tabs are the sane color as the tabs themselves when on the phandroid app.
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