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Originally Posted by Ibrick View Post
That's an excellent point, take for example a soldier returning from duty, probably the most well trained of the general public handling firearms, being diagnosed with PTSD. Should they be banned for life? Who would decide when its 'OK' for them to own a firearm?
PTSD is a tough issue. And with the suicide rate in the US military at an all-time high, we need to be sensitive to those who have been injured mentally by this war.

Another thing to consider is that people who have been trained to use weapons, possibly the only weapons that they've ever seen, to maim and kill people. It may require some retraining for those who were indoctrinated to kill in the name of America to operate under a new set of rules.

But when it comes to people who have never fired a shot in anger, or at a person, I'd hate to see these new laws born of this anti-gun frenzy turn upstanding citizens into outcasts among their peers. People who can no longer go hunting, or something as innocent as plinking and target shooting.

From the medical side it's inexcusable to break promises of confidentiality. I hope the medical community speaks up on this matter and says that using them as political pawns is unacceptable.
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