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Originally Posted by saptech View Post
Something needs to be done about the violence with our young people.
yea it's called parents need to pay attention to their kids. these days parents throw money at them to shut them up and get them out of there hair. mexico has a 100% gun ban it has the highest murder rate per capita and had 55,000 deaths from violent murders. it is a fact if you look on the FBI website that violence has went down in america 49% since 1988 and gun violence is down also. i have to point out that one of the highest murder rates with guns in the country is obama's city of Chicago no guns equals more criminals with guns knives etc... another thing Obama was a constitutional attorney right? well he knows that executive orders are unconstitutional and are a end run around congress and who they represent the people. i seen a congressman saying he would bring Obama up on impeachment charges if he follows through and i think we all need to support him if he does because white black asian it is a power grab and infringing my rights where does it stop? if you want to ban guns do it the right way make an amendment to the constitution the lawful way.
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